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Rates include
Unlimited mileage, Highway/toll sticker (it doesn't cover toll sections, paid additionally before entering), Liability car insurance, Super Collision Damage Waiver, Windshield insurance, Comprehensive coverage (vandalism, flood, fire, hail, theft), Airport surcharge, All taxes, Environmental Charge, Roadside Assistance, Winter tyres from november 1 till april 15.
     Delivery service
Free Pick-up service during working hours. Drop-off service during working hours costs 20EUR.
     Additional Driver Policy
Costs for the 1st and 2nd additional driver is included.
The price includes following insurance: Car liability/Third party, Super Collision Damage Waiver (excess/deductible 300EUR per car and 500EUR for minibuses), Comprehensive coverage (excess/deductible 300EUR per car and 500EUR for minibuses), Windshield insurance (without excess/deductible).
     Zero excess Insurance
Not included in the price. It is available upon request for 6-16EUR per day.
Deposit is being blocked on clients Credit Card. Deposit by cash is possible too. Excess amount for all cars is 300EUR (500EUR for minibus). The deposit shall be paid (holded) by the Renter at the moment of signing the Agreement. The deposit shall be released to the Renter after the vehicle is returned and after signing the handover protocol.
For renting a vehicle, Renter is required to have international passport and driver's license. If in driver’s license is not used the Latin alphabet, Renter is required to have international driving license (and national driving license too). To obtain a lease on a legal body, in addition to passport and driver’s license, it is necessary to have extract from the trade register not older than 1 month.
    Payment Policy
We accept following credit cards: visa, mastercard, diners-club. Cash is accepted too. The rental fee shall be paid by the Renter at the moment of signing the Agreement. While booking the car on our website the Renter chooses method of payment: cash or credit card. If payment in cash is chosen, after arrival it's not possible to change method of payment. If the payment by credit card is chosen, after arrival it's possible to choose any method: cash or credit card. Making a selection of credit card payment, the Renter sends the data (number) of his/her credit card via secured by SSL Certificate channel. It's absolutely safe. We do not take or block any prepayment from the account, we keep the card data in case of the Renter doesnt arrive.
     Booking cancelation
Free of charge booking cancelation is possible 48 hours before the starting of rental period. Late arrival cased by delayed flight or late arrival with notice on telephone or email does not count as nonappearance. If the reservation was made without providing credit card information, we keep the reservation of the car for an hour after the agreed time of arrival. In case of absence of the Customer within 1 hour from the agreed time, if this Customer has not warned in advance the reservation is canceled. If card information was handed over, the car reservation is kept throughout the day until midnight, but in the case of customer's nonappearance, penalty of 50EUR is taken out of the credit card.
     Car Replacement
We reserve the car class, but always indicate possible vehicle brands. However, we reserve the right to substitute the reserved car by a more expensive car or a car of a higher class without increasing the cost and without coordination with the Renter. These vehicle parameters such as the Automatic, Station Wagon (Estate), Diesel remain unchanged even in case of replacement with a vehicle of a higher class.
     Cross Border Policy
Crossing the borders inside of Schengen zone is possible and is included in the price of rental. It is strictly forbidden to travel in the rented vehicle to the following countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria. The visited countries must be included in Agreement at the moment of signing the Agreement. Transportation of the car by ferry is forbidden.
     Out of Hours Policy
The vehicle pick up and return (before 8:00 a.m. and after 9:00 p.m.) shall be carried out for the additional fee 5EUR/30min.
     Age Requirements
Minimal driver age: 20; Maximal driver age: 75. Drivers must have valid drivers license for at least 1 year. If a driver is more than 20 years old but under 25, the deposit may be doubled or the rental cost may be increased. Such cases are considered individually.
     Special Equipment
Winter tyres fee (from november 1 to april 15) is included; Baby Seats (all categories) - 40EUR per rental. Child Booster Seats (8-12 Years) - 10EUR per rental; GPS Navigation System - 10EUR/day (maximum 70EUR); Snow Chains - 35EUR per rental; Luggage Rack - 6EUR/day (maximum 40EUR).
     Fuel policy
Full to full. When taking over the vehicle the Renter shall check the quantity of the fuel in the tank. The Renter must return a vehicle with the fuel tank full. In case when the fuel tank is not completely full, the Renter should pay for the rest of fuel 1.5 EUR/liter+20EUR service fee.
     Roadside Assistance
We have Roadside Assistance available 24/7 free of charge.
     Additional information
Toll sticker is included. The car is provided with a toll sticker of the country in which the car is taken for rent. If the car is taken for rent in Vienna there will be an austrian toll sticker (Austrian vignette) on the car's windshield. It doesn't cover 6 toll sections, paid additionally before entering.
All taxes and VAT is included in the price.